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bauma 2013 Munich
(April 15-21, 2013)

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Description: 30th International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building-Material Machines, Mining Machines, Construction Vehicles, and Construction Equipment
Venue: Messe Munchen Exhibition Center, Am Messesee 2, 81829 Munchen, Germany
Industry Sector Coverage: 
  • All Around Construction Sites
  • Mining, Extraction and Processing of Raw Materials
  • Production of Building Materials
  • Component and Service Suppliers
Exhibitors: 3,420 exhibitors from 57 countries


bauma Overview
The bauma International Trade Fair has been the world premiere for showcasing the latest and the widest range in technological breakthroughs across several inter related industries in construction - machineries, vehicles and equipment. This also spans machineries for mining and building-materials. The fair is visited by 530,000 industry stakeholders from over 200 countries, giving bauma the leading position as it breaks new records.

Cutting Edge Technology
DR. FRITSCH always takes a large stand at this exhibition so important to the industrial diamond industry and this year was no different with two new machines being demonstrated being the COLD PRESSING BCP 100 and the DRILL BIT WELDING MACHINE BSM 300.

Cold Pressing of Diamond Beads using the new BCP 100
As explained by DR. FRITSCH president, Gerhard Weber, the BCP 100 cold press is reliable, fast and more importantly, offers cheap production cost even as it copes with the use of smaller beads. This technological benchmark is unique for its high speed, simplicity, smooth operation, reduction of diamond segregation, compact design, flexible programming of different movements, big display and easy programme setup.

Drill Bit Welding Machine BSM 300
The BSM 300 is a laser welding systems that is unique for its centric clamping system. This new technology allows core drills with diameter between 8 mm to 300 mm to be clamped without changing the fixtures. This dramatically reduces setup times and increases productivity output. This is achieved through flying optics on three axes where the diamond segments are welded directly on the core.

Global Attendance
ASL's team of Lord Shepherd, Alex Hung and Sammy Hu added strength to the stand with many clients from China mainland, Taiwan and Korea attending. Additionally Mr. Erol Keskin of Turkey, Mr. Yoshi Kodha of Japan, Mr. Andres Bolivar of Mexico and Mr. Ranveer Singh Champawat of India were present to support DR. FRITSCH for their territories.

bauma 2016
Three years go fast but we are committed to being at bauma 2016!

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