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Anglo Sterling Ltd.

ANGLO STERLING LTD was founded in 1986 and has focused on bringing the latest super-hard materials technology, machinery and knowhow, into the China Mainland & Taiwan, Korea and other key Asian economies.

Hong Kong is our headquarters and in mainland China we have a major production laboratory in Zhengzhou City, a technical service centre in Danyang City and a sales support office in the capital city of Beijing. In 2016 we have opened a sales development office in Tokyo, Japan.

Our team is a balance of youth, experience and nationalities.

While our business is more recently termed super-hard materials, it is also more commonly defined as being the industrial diamond industry. We have now developed, with very significant sales, sintering machinery for the fabrication of Powder Shaping Technology and also unique insulation for the heat treatment industries.

We have a premier agency portfolio and we are looking to expanding it; so do come talk with us.

Our affiliate company STAR MATERIAL SOLUTIONS LTD offers ISO an extensive and qualified range of super-hard consumable products, to compliment the needs of our industry.

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global map Hong Kong Danyang City Zhengzhou City Beijing Tokyo